LLEIDA. May 31th 2018. Visions by Guinovart. Museum of Lleida.

LLEIDA. May 16th 2018. University of Lleida. Director of the Theatrical Party. It will be performed four pieces by students.  The playwriter and director Jordi Coca will gave a lecture about Palau i Fabre and Avantgarde Theater.

CALDES DE MALAVELLA. April 13th 2018. Lecture at the Library’s Reading Club¬†about “Al Vertigen”. Coordinator: Albert Mestres.

BARCELONA. ¬†April 6th 2018. National Theater of Catalunya. Discussion about “Que rebentin els actors!” by Gabriel Calder√≥n. Coordinator: Albert Arribas.

SOLSONA. March 2nd 2018. Lecture: “El cam√≠ que va de les ruines medievals rom√†ntiques fins a l’avantguarda”. Season: “Divendres de pensament al museu: Territori, Art i Literatura”. Museum of Solsona. Coordinator: Victor P√©rez.











BARCELONA. February 20th. Presentation of new Ada Castells’s novel at Comanegra Publisher.

BARCELONA. January 10th 2018. Speech on¬†Aristotle Poetics (s.IV aC / 2017) Fundaci√≥ Bernat Metge. Translator Xavier Riu. Publisher coordinator: Ra√ľl Garrigasait. Alibri Bookshop. Balmes 26.

US. University of Chicago. Spring 2017 (april-june). Visiting Lecturer at Coromines Chair. Course: Catalan Avant-garde Theatre. Academic coordinator: Mario Santana.





MADRID May 29th 2016. 18 h. Panel discussion with¬†¬†Constatino B√©rtolo (Debate’s publisher), the writer Alberto Olmos et alt. about Cultural Criticism.¬†“Philosophize in Freedom”, Caf√© Libertad. Moderator: Ramiro Ribeiro.

LLEIDA Speech:¬†“Loving Literature” INSTITUTO LA CAPARRELLA (Abril ¬†25th 2016). Coordinators Montserrat Querol, and ex-student Marta Estrela.

caparrella nuria caparella & marta estrela Caparrella

FRANCE Mai-June 2015. Writer’s residence at Villa Marguerite Yourcenar with the writers Karla Suarez, Makency Orcel and Marc Molk. Principal of the Villa: Achmy Halley.



I magnifici tre Francesco Gattoni pp


yourcenar llibre   imageMont Noir   marc molk etc Ecrivains Villa

GIRONA, April 19th 2015. Festival MOT about Imaginary Cities. Organizer: Margarida Casacuberta. With Marina Espasa, Joan-Lluís Lluís and Mar Bosch. Moderator: Xavier Grasset.

BARCELONA Saturday December 12th 2014. “A day with…” Arts Santa M√≤nica. Organize: Isabel Olesti.


VENICE Monday November 24th 2014. Universit√† Ca’ Foscari. Speech about Catalan Theatre in the Seventies. Congr√©s ruptures est√®tiques dels anys 70. Organize: Hispanic Dpt. / Enric BOU

Foscari 24-11-2014

FRANCE ¬†Mai-June 2015. Writer’s residence Presentation at Villa Marguerite Yourcenar.

villa yourcenar

GIRONA Tuesday October 28th 2014. afternoon Aula d’escriptura / Aula de Lletres/ Ajuntament de Girona. Organize: Vicen√ß Pag√®s

pages nur girona 14 p

LLEIDA Wednesday April 23th 2014. Books’s signature.¬†14h / 17.30h: Bookshop Punt del Llibre. 18h: Bookshop Abacus. 19h: Bookshop Caselles.

Susana Mtez Sant Jordi


SAINT PETERSBURG.¬†April 19th 2014. Club de Lectura Maiakovsky. Organize: Iban Ma√Īas.

Club Maiakovsky p

Univ Sant Petersburg

At St Petersburg University, in April 2014, with Montserrat Galofré and the Chairman of Romanic Languages Dpt, Prof. Natalia Grigórievna Med.

Univ StPetersUni_St.Petersburg_1nur univ st petersb 2

BARCELONA Wednesday, November, 13th. 21 h. Literary dinner in the Semproniana restaurant. Rosselló, 148. Organize Ada Parellada and Ada Castells.

LLEIDA 19:30h Friday October 18th, 2013. Centre excursionista of Lleida. c/ Comerç 25. Presents: The climber Mina Corbella. Associated bookshop: Caselles.

7 np mina lluis taberner w


6 np asseguda cel w


ANDORRA Wednesday October 16th, 18h: Press briefing. 20h. Presentation of the book in Catalan Culture Center. c/ La Llacuna 14. Andorra la Vella. Organize Txema Diaz -Torrent from University of Andorra and Arnau Colominas from Catalan Culture Centre. Presents: the Himalayan mountaineer Kathy O’Dowd and Anton Not (Spanish translator of¬†Al vertigo). Associated bookshop: The Pu√ßa.

BARCELONA Saturday September 5th 2013 13:30 h. Catalan Book Week. Presents: Jordi Cornudella, editor and Jordi Merino, president of Catalunya Hiking Federation.

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