BARCELONA. 27th May. Round table “Debates in culture: Roofs as agents of social change” with Miquel Segur√≥ and N√ļria Perpiny√†. Moderator: Aida Pallar√©s. Face-to-face event on the roof of the Damm 2‚ā¨(Old Damm brewery. Rossell√≥ St, 515. See¬†map)¬†and free virtual ticket at youtube. Organized by: Isaias Fanlo & Lola Armadas. More info and tickets.¬†




LLEIDA. March 16, 2021 7pm. Agnes Guardiola will discuss the essay Chaos, Virus, Calm by N. Perpinyà. La Irreductible Bookstore. Organized by: Páginas de Espuma. It will be broadcast on Instagram Live @lairreductible.

Face-to-face event with limited places (Prior registration in this issue:



MARYLAND (online EUA): March 9, 2021. “Commercial and Literary Narrative: Conversation with N√ļria Perpiny√†”. NACS Dialogues around Catalan Dulture. Organized by: Roser Caminals-Health (Hood College).



MALAGA. December 16th, 2020. Award of the Malaga Essay Prize for Chaos, Virus, Calm. The Physics of Chaos applied to artistic, social and political Disorder, granted by the City Council of Malaga. The award is published by P√°ginas de Espuma. Jury of the prize: the publisher Juan Casamayor; Javier Gom√°, philosopher and director of the Juan March Foundation; Estrella de Diego, art specialist; and the writers Espido Freire and Alfredo Taj√°n.




BARCELONA. May 7th 2020. 18.30h.¬† ¬† ¬† DELAYED.¬† ¬† ¬† Reading Club about Una casa per compondre by N√ļria Perpiny√†. Organized by: Music Museum. ESMUC Auditorium of Barcelona. Lepant, 150.






FRANCE.¬† Perpiny√† at PERPIGNAN. Mars 27th 2020.¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† DELAYED.¬† ¬† ¬† ¬†¬†“Transliterary Residence: A meeting with the Catalan novelist Nuria Perpiny√† accompanied of some readings of her work “. La Llibreria Catalana / The Catalan Bookstore. Joan Payra Square, 7. Organized by Joana Serra and Patrick Viret.





FRANCE.¬†2020 Mars 1st-31th . Writers’ Residence at Cerb√®re. Transnational Project “Femmes √Čcrivaines d’Aujourd’hui.” Hotel Belv√©d√®re du Rayon Vert. Organized by Patrick Viret. Rencontres de Cr√©ation Cin√©matographiques. Perpinya appears in the foto with the Cuban novelist Karla Su√°rez & Patrick Viret.





BARCELONA. December 21th 2019. Starting point: 12h at Miro Museum. Literary route: “Montju√Įc, between the Avant-Garde and the City of Theater”. Commented itinerary by N√ļria Perpiny√†, author of the book: La cadira trencada: Teatre catal√† d’avantguarda. Organized by: TRESC. Link to sign up for the free route:


Llibre de la ruta teatral i avantguardista














BARCELONA. November 22th¬† 2019. Lecture: “The Value of Reading”.¬†ESADE.¬†¬†Frederic Mistral-Eul√†lia School at Sarri√†. 8, Pere II de Montcada St




BARCELONA. November 21th. Lecture: “The Poetic Beauty of the Murasaki Shikibu’s Genji”. Classics Festival coordinator. Biblioteca de Catalunya / National Library of Catalonia.




BARCELONA. November 8th 2019. 16 h. Round table: “Brossa: discussions”: “Isolda, Wagner, Brossa” by N. Perpiny√†. With¬†Fernando Gerheim, Alexandre Bataller, Jordi MaleŐĀ and Marc AudiŐĀ. II International Symposium Joan Brossa. Barcelona. Institut d’Estudis Catalans.

Video n. 10:  Lecture on November 9th, Friday afternoon from min. 48.50:  Isolda, Wagner, Brossa




BARCELONA. October 28th 2019. 18.30 h. Lecture: “William Blake: the Visionary Beauty.” Classics Festival coordinator. Bookshop Llibreria La Central del Raval. Seminar of eight lectures by several scholars and writers: Joan Santanach, Josep Pedrals and N√ļria Perpiny√†, etc.

Information and registration: / 93 550 46 01




BARCELONA. October 8th 2019. 19 h. Escenari Joan Brossa, 40, Dels Flassaders street. Theatrical performance on the book La cadira trencada. Teatre catal√† d’avantguarda (The Broken Chair. Catalan Avant-garde Theatre).¬†ed. Arola.¬† Foundation Brossa coordinator.¬†


Performance of the “Cadavre Exquis of Catalan Theatre” by Jordi Coca as director with the contributions of the following playwrights, writers and actors: Vicen√ß Altai√≥, Manuel Guerrero, Imma Colomer, N√ļria Casado, Carles Mallol, Vict√≤ria Szpunberg, Marc Rosich, Helena Tornero, Mireia Gubianas, Roger M. Puig, Dolors Miquel, Ricard G√°zquez, Viqui Sanz, Enric Nolla, Gerard Guix, Pep Cerd√†, Manuel Molins, Jesusa Ardany, Pepa Aran√≥s, Toni Cabr√©, Jordi Prat, Eduard Muntada, Adri√† Pujol, Ferran Echegaray, Ll√†tzer Garcia, Maria Casellas, Paco Zarzoso, Carlos Be, Narc√≠s Comadira, Albert Mestres, Queralt Riera, Jordi Oriol and Roger Bernat. Audiovisual production: Toni Vidal.
















US. June 5th 2019. University of Chicago. Lecture “From Chaos to Post-Truth through Catalan Art”. Coordinators: Mario Santana and Alba Girons. Department of Romance Languages and Literatures.


US. May 2019. Writer in residence at Writers Art Omi of New York.


BARCELONA. January 16th 26th, 30th 2019. “Flexo 3/6. Odysseus compared to James Joyce’s Uliysses“.¬† Seminar of the Center of Contemporary Culture of Barcelona (CCCB). Coordinator:¬†Ra√ľl Garrigasait.¬†

Here you can listen to the recorded course in Catalan




LLEIDA. October 15th. 18.30 h. Public Library. “The Ten Favourite Books of N√ļria Perpiny√†”. Women Writers Day. Coordinator: Anna S√†ez

The books that have made me as I am



BARCELONA. TV3. October 11th 2018. “The Social Networks”.¬†Roger Roca.¬†Desconnexi√≥: volem una vida online?¬†Quan arribin els marcians. Minut 7.40. 11-X-2018.



BARCELONA. Catalunya Ràdio. Mariola Dinarés. Popap. 21-IX-2018. Catalunya Ràdio



BARCELONA. Setember 20th. Book launch of the novel by Nuria Perpinya And, suddenly, Paradise. Presentation by the publisher of Comanegra, Jordi Puig, the philosopher Enric Puig Punyet, author of The Great Addiction and the poet, Dolors Miquel. There will be a discussion in favour of the Internet and against it. Editorial Comanegra. Consell de Cent, 159.


GIRONA. July 12th 2018. “L’apassionat equilibri de Joan Ferrat√©”. Summer course: “El llegat Ferrat√©(r): Poesia i Cr√≠tica”. Girona University. Coordinator: Xavier Pla.

Lecture by N√ļria Perpiny√† about Joan Ferrat√©’s criticism


LLEIDA. May 31th 2018. Visions of Guinovart: “I’m a savage, ergo I exist”. Museum of¬†Lleida. Coordinators: Maria Guinovard and Alex Susanna.¬†[PDF]



LLEIDA. May 16th 2018. University of Lleida. Director of the Theatrical Party. It will be performed plays by students.  The playwriter and director Jordi Coca will gave a lecture about Palau i Fabre and Avantgarde Theater.


CALDES DE MALAVELLA. April 13th 2018. Lecture at the Library’s Reading Club¬†about “Al Vertigen”. Coordinator: Albert Mestres.


BARCELONA. ¬†April 6th 2018. National Theater of Catalunya. Discussion about “Que rebentin els actors!” by Gabriel Calder√≥n. Coordinator: Albert Arribas.

You Tube: A talk between Calderón, Perpinyà and the actors


 .     .


SOLSONA. March 2nd 2018. Lecture: “El cam√≠ que va de les ruines medievals rom√†ntiques fins a l’avantguarda”. Season: “Divendres de pensament al museu: Territori, Art i Literatura”. Museum of Solsona. Coordinator: Victor P√©rez.












BARCELONA. February 20th. Presentation of new Ada Castells’s novel at Comanegra Publisher.


BARCELONA. January 10th 2018. Speech on¬†Aristotle Poetics (s.IV aC / 2017) Fundaci√≥ Bernat Metge. Translator Xavier Riu. Publisher coordinator: Ra√ľl Garrigasait. Alibri Bookshop. Balmes 26.















US. University of Chicago. Spring 2017 (april-june). Visiting Lecturer at Coromines Chair. Course: Catalan Avant-garde Theatre. Department of Romance Languages and Literatures. Academic coordinator: professor Mario Santana.



















MADRID May 29th 2016. 18 h. Panel discussion with¬†¬†Constatino B√©rtolo (Debate’s publisher), the writer Alberto Olmos et alt. about Cultural Criticism.¬†“Philosophize in Freedom”, Caf√© Libertad. Moderator: Ramiro Ribeiro.


LLEIDA Speech:¬†“Loving Literature” INSTITUTO LA CAPARRELLA (Abril ¬†25th 2016). Coordinators Montserrat Querol, and ex-student Marta Estrela.

caparrella nuria caparella & marta estrela Caparrella



FRANCE Mai-June 2015. Writer’s residence at Villa Marguerite Yourcenar with the writers Karla Suarez, Makency Orcel and Marc Molk. Principal of the Villa: Achmy Halley.

yourcenar llibre



imageMont Noir 


marc molk etcEcrivains Villa



GIRONA, April 19th 2015. Festival MOT about Imaginary Cities. Organizer: Margarida Casacuberta. With Marina Espasa, Joan-Lluís Lluís and Mar Bosch. Moderator: Xavier Grasset.


BARCELONA Saturday December 12th 2014. “A day with…” Arts Santa M√≤nica. Organize: Isabel Olesti.



VENICE Monday November 24th 2014. Universit√† Ca’ Foscari. Speech about Catalan Theatre in the Seventies. Congr√©s ruptures est√®tiques dels anys 70. Organize: Hispanic Dpt. / Enric BOU

Foscari 24-11-2014


FRANCE ¬†Mai-June 2015. Writer’s residence Presentation at Villa Marguerite Yourcenar.

villa yourcenar


GIRONA Tuesday October 28th 2014. afternoon Aula d’escriptura / Aula de Lletres/ Ajuntament de Girona. Organize: Vicen√ß Pag√®s

pages nur girona 14 p


LLEIDA Wednesday April 23th 2014. Books’s signature.¬†14h / 17.30h: Bookshop Punt del Llibre. 18h: Bookshop Abacus. 19h: Bookshop Caselles.

Susana Mtez Sant Jordi



SAINT PETERSBURG.¬†April 19th 2014. Club de Lectura Maiakovsky. Organize: Iban Ma√Īas.

Club Maiakovsky p

Univ Sant Petersburg

At St Petersburg University, in April 2014, with Montserrat Galofré and the Chairman of Romanic Languages Dpt, Prof. Natalia Grigórievna Med.

Univ StPetersUni_St.Petersburg_1nur univ st petersb 2


BARCELONA Wednesday, November, 13th. 21 h. Literary dinner in the Semproniana restaurant. Rosselló, 148. Organize Ada Parellada and Ada Castells.


LLEIDA 19:30h Friday October 18th, 2013. Centre excursionista of Lleida. c/ Comerç 25. Presents: The climber Mina Corbella. Associated bookshop: Caselles.

7 np mina lluis taberner w


6 np asseguda cel w



ANDORRA Wednesday October 16th, 18h: Press briefing. 20h. Presentation of the book in Catalan Culture Center. c/ La Llacuna 14. Andorra la Vella. Organize Txema Diaz -Torrent from University of Andorra and Arnau Colominas from Catalan Culture Centre. Presents: the Himalayan mountaineer Kathy O’Dowd and Anton Not (Spanish translator of¬†Al vertigo). Associated bookshop: The Pu√ßa.


BARCELONA Saturday September 5th 2013 13:30 h. Catalan Book Week. Presents: Jordi Cornudella, editor and Jordi Merino, president of Catalunya Hiking Federation.

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