1. Against Kindle

    3:37 pm by Nuria





    I do not want to cry because books are still alive and so are we. In the nineteenth century the cultural fear was that the newspapers would be the end of books. Something that did not happen. Or that phonographs would replace the paper books with talking books. As we know, however, this has not succeeded, the paper printouts are preferred rather than audiobooks. So I will sing the books’s excellences; and to declare war on e-books, beginning with the Kindle. (more…)

  2. Apparatgeist: the mobile addiction

    3:41 pm by Nuria

  3. Mobile lovers: Tatiana and Oneguin reloaded

    6:18 pm by Nuria

  4. Mise en abyme

    5:29 pm by Nuria

  5. Perejaume: Turns and Returns of Art and Nation

    12:13 pm by Nuria

  6. An uncomfortable dress: Thomas Bernhard says no to power

    3:36 pm by gate3freel

  7. Without Punctuation

    4:14 pm by gate3freel

  8. Erarta: the new russian avant-garde

    7:29 pm by Nuria

  9. The great pleasure of Hermitage

    7:29 pm by Nuria

  10. To paint the pain: Prado Museum exhibition

    7:03 pm by Nuria

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