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Jaume Pons Alorda

N√ļria Perpiny√† had always demonstrated a spectacular linguistic ability: it was only a matter of time that someday she was raptured by the verses. The miracle has occurred in Changing Skyes. An exceptional first volume, breathtaking as a cathedral, beautiful as a work of art, thrilling as a good play and portentous as an excellent Wagnerian opera.


Pere Gomila

N√ļria Perpiny√† is a complete writer who writes one of the most original and demanding works of current Catalan literature. Changing Skies is a fascinating treatise on love with exuberant poetic expression. The book contains a narrative structure about the story of a love. As it is a recitative for two voices, it would also be close to the theatre.


Manel Ollé

N√ļria Perpiny√† breaks molds and forecasts. Far from visceral emotivism, Changing Skies moves us through the kaleidoscope of a dialogical and musical form, a poetic narrative, an overlay of onion paper layers of literary, cultural, philosophical and geographical references. The linear melody of the poem is saturated with harmonics.



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BARCELONA, May 10 2023. Premiere of the theatrical performance of N√ļria Perpiny√†’s book of poems, Changing skies, by the company Nurosfera. Sala Beckett 8:30 p.m. Actors: N√ļria Casado and Pep Planas. Direction and audiovisuals: √íscar S√°nchez H. Music: Jordi Cano.

LLEIDA. November 15th 2023. Theater de l’Escorxador. 6pm and 7.30pm. Nurosfera Company.

LLEIDA. February 15 th 2024. University of Lleida. 5pm. Nurosfera Company.



GOMILA, Pere. Presentation of “Changing Skies”. VdLLibres bookstore. Menorca, November 9, 2023.

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