The videos are available just in Catalan.



2021. Barcelona. Culture at roofs.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fPbohCfuhw8




2021. “Commercial and literary narrative: we talked to Núria Perpinyà”. NACS dialogues around Catalan culture. United States.




 2018. “El apasionado equilibrio de Joan Ferraté”. University of Girona




BARCELONA. TV3. October 11th 2018. Roger Roca. Desconnexión: ¿queremos una vida online? “Disconnection: Do we want a life online?” When the Martians arrive. Minute 7.40. Her novel about internet addiction And suddenly, paradise.






BARCELONA. 6 abril 2018. Teatro Nacional de Catalunya. Colloquium on the play ¡Que rebienten los actores! / Let the actors burst! by Gabriel Calderón. Coordinated by: Albert Arribas. 

YouTube: Coloquio entre Calderón, Perpinyà y los actores


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2018 “Isolda, Wagner, Brossa”. II Simposio Joan Brossa




GIRONA, April 19, 2015. MOT Festival on Imaginary Cities. Organized by: Margarida Casacuberta. With Marina Espasa, Joan-Lluís Lluís, Mar Bosch. Moderate by: Xavier Grasset.


2013 TV3 Interview “To the vertigo” at Via Llibre by Anna Guitart





   2013 Interview “To the Vertigo” by Ara Ponent.  





2013 Interview at ETV by Ramon Guitó. “Converses amb accent”

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