NĂşria PerpinyĂ 

This virtual space is a bridge between Núria Perpinyà, her readers and those who revere the arts and literature. [1]

Times ago, the creators’s and receivers’s relationships were unidirectional, except for occasional letters between artists and fans. The writer wrote, the readers read. The composer composed, the audience listened.
Now, following the reciprocity 2.0, the creative dialogue can be completed; the viewers are no longer voiceless nor passive but they think, express their views on the works and interact with the authors. Nowadays we can know which are the reactions that the literature induces; we can know how the books really finish.

Accordingly, we effusively invite you readers, artists, friends and dilettantes, to write on these pages, by means of this blog or leaving your comments on each book report of this site:

Comments on To the Vertigo

Comments on The Calligraphers

Comments on The Privileged

Comments on Mistana

Comments on A House to Compose

Comments on A Good Mistake

[1] English translator: Katerina Valentová

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